Bondora (Remote, Tallinn, Estonia)

Software Engineer • Jul, 2022 — Present

Xyz Technology (Remote, Istanbul, Turkey)

Senior Software Developer • Jun, 2020 — Nov, 2021

Xyz Technology is a technology development company working with companies suchas Scope Markets. Responsible for building a real-time application thatprocesses 3K messages per second. This application basically consumes price andtrading messages from Kafka then processes these messages in an algorithm tocalculate profit and loss of the trading company. It sends the calculationresults to the UI via Server Sent Events. It provides profit and loss insightfor the risk department of the trading company (Scope Markets).Tech stack: .Net Core, C#, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, Kafka, Akka.Net, Redis,ZeroMQ, WebSocket, Server Sent Events, IdentityServer4, Windows Service, WPF,Web API, Unit testing, Integration Testing, Microservices, Git and GitHub

Verilogy (Istanbul, Turkey)

Senior Fullstack Developer • Dec, 2019 — May, 2020

Verilogy is a technology company based in Istanbul which builds privacy enhancing tools for companies to simplify their privacy management and make it automated and seamless.

  • Gathering requirements from the product manager who is also a privacy pro with deep industry knowledge.
  • Responsible for the technical design and maintenance of the platform.
Tech stack: ASP.NET Core, Web API, Entity Framework, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Heroku, CI/CD pipeline (GitHub Actions)

Netsparker (aka Invicti Security, Remote, Istanbul, Turkey)

Senior Software Developer • Jun, 2017 — Dec, 2019

Netsparker develops industry leading desktop and cloud based automated webapplication security scanners which are trusted and used by world renownedcompanies such as Samsung, Ernst & Young, Skype, NASA, ISACA and ING Bank.

  • By working closely with the Security Researcher team, developed Security Check Engines which attack and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Responsible for quality and stability of the Security Check Engines and whole product functions such as crawling. Took ownership of the internal testing tool and automatized its crucial functions.
  • Automated start/shutdown process of the test agents that run on AWS instances via AWS API which decreased AWS costs by 50%.
  • Responsible for a crucial dockerized service which helps to identify Out of Band vulnerabilities.
Tech Stack: .NET stack, C#, Web Application Security, AWS API, Linux,Docker, WinForms, DevExpress, Unit Testing, NUnit, TeamCity, ASP.NET MVC, Git

Cronom (Istanbul, Turkey)

Software Developer • Sep, 2016 — May, 2017

Cronom is a software development house working with local and international companies.

  • Developed and maintained a manufacturing control unit application that was responsible for taking inputs and redirecting those to the machinery.
Tech Stack: .NET stack, C#, ASP.NET WebForms, XML

Ester Elektronik (Eskisehir, Turkey)

Software Developer • Jul, 2012 — Jan, 2016

Ester is a company that serves the public institutions and energy sector organizations. Its products used by 4,500,000 users until 2016, has active 1,700,000 members in 2016. Ester is a firm operating in infosec industry.

  • Designed and developed a SaaS platform from scratch. The key features were quota consumption based on the customer contract. Tenant based custom modules that can be mounted on runtime. It has been using by government and energy sector organizations.
  • Maintained platform that manages all M2M modular services that mostly used by the government.
  • Performed load tests and improved performance by implementing various ways such as caching, optimizing SQL queries, and thread optimizations.
  • Gathered requirements from stakeholders such as the CTO and the project manager to plan the development steps.
Tech Stack: .NET, C#, SOA, WCF, MSSQL, ORM (NHibernate), Multi-threading, LoadTesting, Unit Testing, High Volume Transaction, Performance Optimization,Multi-tenancy, Redmine, IIS, SVN, Web Services, Requirements Analysis, Selfhosting, Windows Services


Contributor • August 2015 — February 2016

NLog is a flexible and free logging platform for various .NET platforms,including .NET standard. Because of my contributions, I have been included onthe official team list.

  • Developed and maintained a few logging target and layout renderer.
  • Answered user questions and helped them with various subjects.
  • Reviewed user bug reports and fixed them.
  • Reviewed Pull Requests
  • Maintained Wiki Pages and documentation.
Tech Stack: C#, AppVeyor, Travis CI, CodeCov, XUnit, Git

Restaurant Automation Client (Android App)

Android Developer • 2016

It is an Android app that used by restaurant staffs. It communicates with the server through a TCP socket. The server app was written in C++ and had no RESTful API. Tech Stack: Socket communication, Android Studio, Java

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